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There's no need for extra options or additional fees to get your daily nutritional supplements with GenoVive.  Each GenoVive Customized Meal Program order includes a 30 day supply of supplements for added nutritional support during weight loss - an $84.99 value.  It's just one of the comprehensive advantages of GenoVive.


GenoVive's supplements are premium quality to deliver maximum benefits each day:


Gen-Omega - an Omega-3 supplement made from food sourced calamari oil, with a 2.5/1 ratio of DHA to EPA.  Easy to swallow capsules with natural lemon flavor.Omega 3

  • Gen-Multi - daily multivitamin and mineral tablet with with antioxidants


  • Gen-Biotics - a 10 strain probiotic blend in an easy to swallow capsule,with digestive enzymes to promote healthy digestion.  Each daily dosage is formulated with over 20 billion live cultures.  Shipped in shelf stable packaging.