Food & Exercise Science Behind the Food

GenoVive's Meal Programs are customized to work with your individual DNA.  So how does that cheek swab DNA test affect what’s in the box of food that I will receive?


  • GenoVive uses a patent-pending process to test a series of different genes for variations of that gene which give insight into how your body works. 
  • Your individual genetic variations tell us how your body absorbs, burns and stores fat and carbohydrates as well as your body’s ability to burn stored fat in response to exercise. 
  • Have you ever wondered why your coworker constantly munches on high fat snacks and never seems to get any bigger?  Or why you and your neighbor go jogging together yet she is losing weight faster than you are? 
  • The GenoVive Weight Management DNA Test uses your individual genetics to identify your metabolic challenges - the obstacles that may be preventing you from losing more weight - and uses that information to design your all-natural meal program and exercise plan.


The answers are in your genes.

Your GenoVive Customized Meal Program is Formulated to Work With Your DNA

It's your genetic code that determines all of your body's characteristics, but not just outward traits like eye color. Your individual genetic variations control how your body functions, right down to how your body makes new cells. GenoVive decodes the valuable information provided by your DNA to tell you how your body responds to food and exercise, empowering you to make individualized healthy lifestyle choices to lose weight and keep it off.

GenoVive uses your DNA analysis to determine the appropriate macronutrient balance to work with the characteristics of your individual genetic variations to help you achieve effective and efficient weight loss and healthy weight management.

When you receive your GenoVive Weight Management Genetic Profile Report, you'll learn about your genetic variations, how they affect the way your body functions and how your customized meal program was developed to work with your body's needs.


The Right Type of Fuel - The Right Amount of Fuel

Your GenoVive Customized Meal Program contains the ideal mix of macronutrients - proteins, fats and carbohydrates to work with your genes to optimize your body's calorie burning potential. GenoVive also measures your BMI (body mass index) each month to ensure the ideal amount of total calories to continue your weight loss process over time. It's important to eat enough calories to sustain healthy metabolism while you're losing weight. If you're not eating enough calories and getting the right nutrients, your body can go into starvation mode, which slows down your metabolism and can hinder your weight loss progress. You'll also need enough energy to exercise. 

In addition to your genetic profile, GenoVive also uses the information from your demographic profile: gender, age, height and weight to put together the appropriate amount of calories to keep your metabolism going while also losing weight. 


 Why do you need to eat the right foods while losing weight?

Think of your metabolism as an engine. That engine needs fuel in order to work and generate power. Your body also needs fuel, the food you eat, in order to function properly. When you don't eat enough calories that contain the nutrients you need, your body can acutally start to preserve its energy supply instead of burning it. By eating GenoVive's clean natural foods in the correct portions, your tastes will change naturally over time to help you learn the types of foods and portion sizes needed to maintain a healthy weight.


GenoVive's Customized Meal Programs take the guess work out of finding out finding a weight loss program that's right for you.  Get started with GenoVive today!