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GenoVive DNA test kit

It starts with your home DNA test and profile report

Get started with GenoVive

GenoVive will send you an easy to use DNA test kit which includes swabs for the inside of your mouth. You will send your completed cheek swabs back to GenoVive in the postage paid envelope provided to you in your DNA test kit package.   Click here to learn more about the science behind GenoVive and why it starts with a DNA test. Click here to learn more about what happens to your DNA sample in the lab and how it's used to customize your meal program.

After reviewing your individual gene variants along with your profile information, gender, height, weight and age, GenoVive determines which customized meal program and exercise plan is right for you. Your Weight Management Genetic Profile Report will be generated and will be available online for you to download as a password protected file. This report contains information on your meal program and exercise plan and will give you background information on genetics to help explain your results. Your profile report will usually be available for you to view within 7 days after we receive the completed DNA test kit back from you. When you reorder your meal program each month, you will update your weight and measurements (using the tape measure provided) and we will also send you a progress report each month to help you track your goals.

GenoVive all natural meals

Enjoy delicious natural meals delivered to you

After placing your meal program order, your first 30 day shipment of meals will arrive at your home. You will receive 6 meal kits per week including: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks per day all put together in a daily meal kit. There's no need to supplement with additional foods but you can add your own fresh fruits and vegetables if you wish, according to the program guidelines. Learn more about the meal program.

GenoVive probiotics

Take your GenoVive nutritional supplements each day

A package of premium nutritional supplements is included with your meal program order at no extra charge.  To help support your healthy weight loss, you will receive a multi-vitamin and mineral, an omega 3 and a probiotic with digestive enzymes.  Click here to learn more about how these special supplements are an important component of your program.

GenoVive customized exercise program

Exercise according to your program

Your meal program includes an online exercise video program that has the right level and intensity of exercises for your genetic profile.  Log on to your profile section of to view the videos.  Each weekly routine can be done at home or adapted for use at your gym.  These exercises are designed to help you build muscle as you lose fat and are designed for different starting fitness levels and end goals.  Click here to learn more about GenoVive's exercise program 

Your GenoVive Customized Meal Program is less than $20 per day and includes: 

Save 20% on your DNA diet

$599.98 for your start up package during our Introductory Special. Includes your Weight Management DNA Test Kit, profile report, and first month of your Customized Meal Program. Monthly meal program reorders are $449.99 for a limited time. No membership fees or additional charges for supplemental products.

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