How It Works Your Diet and Your DNA

How the DNA diet works


The GenoVive Weight Management DNA Test and Genetic Profile Report focuses specifically on weight loss and weight management related genes and gene variants (SNPs).  Although there are many genes which may have implications for weight loss, GenoVive has carefully selected our panel of genes that have a well documented impact on weight management.  Each SNP has specific implications for changes in diet and/or exercise that have been documented in clinical studies.  Like pages in book, GenoVive looks at the results of this group of gene variants together, to tell a story of how your body uses the fats, carbohydrates and proteins in your diet, and how you respond to exercise.

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Your DNA test results are used to determine the best balance of macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) for your customized meal program. GenoVive also uses the information you provide us in your demographic profile: gender, age, ethnicity, height and weight to determine the right amount of calories for you each day. 

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GenoVive provides the tools you need to take action and learn to change your lifestyle according the information in your profile report.  With GenoVive's home delivered meal program helps you learn to eat all-natural foods with the right amount of fat, carbohydrate and protein for your metabolic needs.

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Your GenoVive Customized meal program is all-inclusive and also features: