How It Works The GenoVive Advantage

DNA and genetics

Your DNA Determines Your Diet

Your individual genetic variations are used to determine the appropriate macronutrient balance: carbohydrates, fats and proteins - to work with your metabolism to produce efficient weight loss.

BMI and diet

The right calorie level for YOU

Your age, gender, height and weight are used to determine your caloric needs to fuel your metabolism. Each GenoVive Customized Meal Program contains 1,300, 1,600 or 1,900 calories per day.

Natural foods nutrition

Natural Nutrition

Delicious, home delivered meals made with natural ingredients, developed by dieticians, food scientists and chefs - to work with your body.  The program also includes a premium supplement package with a daily multi-vitamin and and mineral, omega 3 and probiotic supplement.

GenoVive DNA diet exercise program


A multi-level exercise plan designed to mach your starting fitness level and end goals. Your exercise program can be done at home or adapted to fit your gym workous.

support from registered dietitian


As a GenoVive Customized Meal Program customer, you will receive a support call with a registered dietitian each month you're on the program.  Plus you can contact our Customer Service Specialists any time you have a question about your program.


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