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How does DNA affect weight loss?

Nutrigenomics - The Science Behind GenoVive

GenoVive's weight management solution is based on the sciences of Nutrigenomics - how our diet influences the expression of our genes and Nutrigenetics - how an individual's genetic makeup affacts the body's response to diet and exercise. Simply put, the short term weight loss you will achieve by eating the right foods and doing the right amount of exercise for your body is a result of Nutrigenetics. The long term weight healthy management success you will sustain by eating the same balance of nutrients and level of exercise comes from the positive changes in your genetic expression - Nutrigenomics.


DNA, Food and Exercise

The GenoVive Weight Management DNA Test

The GenoVive Weight Management DNA Test provides the key to unlocking your personal weight loss solution. Your DNA helps design your personalized nutrition program to help you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight as part of a healthier lifestyle. It's your DNA that makes your body different. you may have already experienced that you lose and gain weight differently than your friends and family. That's why understanding your individual genetic variations is essential to determine the foods and amount of physical activity that your body needs. Once you understand how your body works, you will be empowered for success!

Your gene variants provide different details about how your body processes fats and carbohydrates and how it responds to physical activity. Some variants indicate decreased carbohydrate metabolism while others identify individuals who are more likely to consume and store greater amounts of fat. Other variants may indicate that some individuals require a higher level of physical activity to shed resistant belly fat. Your GenoVive Weight Management Genetic Profile Report will provide insight into your individual SNPs and how your meal and exercise program is designed to work with your DNA.

The Results

GenoVive's scientists will evaluate your DNA test results to determine the correct amount and type of macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins) for your customized meal program. The percentages of these macronutrients as an overall part of your diet have been carefully calculated to work best with your genotype. The types of macronutrients are also specially formulated in each meal program.

For example, unsaturated fats and omega 3 fatty acids are emphasized for their positive effects on cardiovascular response and complex carbohydrates from whole grains are used to help regulate energy levels throughout the day.  The total amount of calories in your meal program will change as your BMI changes to ensure continuous progress as you reach your goal. 

What will your genes tell you?  Your roadmap for success starts with your GenoVive Weight Management DNA test.  Let's get started.


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