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Gene variant for weight loss

DNA and the GenoVive Weight Management DNA Test

DNA is a long molecule made up of building blocks called nucleotides, arranged end-to-end like beads on a string. The sequence of these nucleotides along the DNA molecule is the secret to decoding the information in DNA. Typically the information in DNA is translated into one of the many proteins needed by a cell to perform its life-sustaining functions. A specific nucleotide sequence will be translated into a specific protein that functions in the ways needed by the cell. A nucleotide sequence that gives rise to a protein is called a gene.

Weight management is a complex process and over 100 genes have been identified as affecting the ability to lose and maintain weight.  No single gene alone is responsible for weight loss or gain, but through Nutrigenetic testing and research, GenoVive has identified a variety of SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) that provide a comprehensive insight into individual weight management.   A SNP is a type of DNA sequence variation within your genotype (individual genetic makeup).  Of these gene variants, some provide information on dietary factors and other provide information on physical activity, with some variants providing insight on both diet and exercise.

Your gene variants provide different details about how your body processes fats and carbohydrates and how it responds to physical activity.   Some variants indicate decreased carbohydrate metabolism while others identify individuals who are more likely to consume and store greater amounts of fat. Other variants may indicate that some individuals require a higher level of physical activity to shed resistant belly fat.  Your GenoVive Weight Management Genetic Profile Report will provide insight into your individual SNPs and how your meal and exercise program is designed to work with your DNA.

If you would like to learn more background information about genetics and personalized nutrition, visit our Get Gen-Smart section to view our slideshows.


 The Results


GenoVive’s scientists will evaluate your DNA test results to determine the correct amount and type of macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins) for your customized meal program.  The percentages of these macronutrients as an overall part of your diet have been carefully calculated to work best with your genotype.  The types of macronutrients are also specifically formulated in each meal program. 

For example, unsaturated fats and omega 3 fatty acids are emphasized for their positive effects on cardiovascular response and complex carbohydrates from whole grains are used to help regulate energy levels throughout the day.  The total amount of calories in your meal program will change as your BMI changes to ensure continuous progress as you reach your goal.  Click here to learn more about how the foods in each meal program were developed.


What will your genes tell you?  Your roadmap for success starts with your GenoVive Weight Management DNA test.  Let's get started.


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