Success Stories Meet Angie

Angie Flynn:  GenoVive is a Game Changer in Her Weight Loss 

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Age: 32

Starting Weight: 220

Current Weight: 170

Program: Carbohydrate Optimized (OCC)

Favorite meal: Breakfast

“There are three flavors of oatmeal, granola bars and protein bars I could eat every day for the rest of my life.”


Angie Flynn is a lab technician and mother of two small children from New Orleans who loves the weight loss she has achieved using GenoVive. “My energy level is through the roof. My husband is paying a lot more attention to me, and he is more affectionate. I’ve gone from a size 22 to a size 12. I’m wearing more flattering outfits. I like to look nice every day as opposed to hiding.”

 Her goal is to fit back into a size 10, and she is confident that she will reach her goal and be able to maintain her weight loss over the long term.She says the scientific information she learned about how her own body metabolizes fats, proteins and carbohydrates from the GenoVive DNA profile has been a game changer.

 “I could have told you before the test that I had issues with carbs. But having the scientific facts right in front of you has made all the difference. To see how my body struggles to metabolize carbs has been very important,” Angie says.

 After her wedding, Angie’s long-term battle with weight gain began in earnest. The summer of 2005 brought the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. The aftermath of Katrina left grocery shelves empty of fresh food, took her husband, who worked for the phone company, away for long hours, and left her alone much of the time. 

“You ate what you could,” Angie said. “For a long time, there was no fresh food. I found myself eating lots of processed foods and in the fast food lines eating Chicken Nuggets, French Fries and drinking big glasses of Coke.” Between August 2005 and last spring, Angie gained 85 lbs. It was a period, Angie says, during which she attempted to cope with stress by overeating. Looking back, she admits she was probably depressed, a state of mind she agrees that played a role in her weight gain. A second pregnancy also contributed. 

The turning point for Angie was GenoVive. In addition to following the meal plan she also makes regular visits to the gym, where she mixes body combat classes with spinning at least four days a week. As her seventh wedding anniversary approaches, Angie notes that her husband is bringing her flowers. “He likes what he sees,” she says. And so does Angie.